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Available Trainings

While the subject matter is sometimes hard to hear, these trainings arm our community with the tools needed to keep our children safe.

These trainings are free of charge and can be presented to groups small and large.  Please contact us for more information.

Police Cars

Sexual Abuse Prevention

This training "Protecting Our Children: Advice from Adults who Sexually Offend against Children" is an eye-opening training.  During this training, you will learn about offender red flags and "what works" to keep our children safe.

Woman Stalked in Garage

Human Trafficking

This training covers the difference in human smuggling and human trafficking.  You will learn about the different forms of trafficking, recruitment tactics, victimology, and about local cases in our community.  There is a specific training gears towards educators also available.

Woman Holding a Mobile Phone

Social Media Awareness

There are two separate trainings offered on social media awareness.  One training is for students, while the other is for parents only.  In both trainings, you or your child will learn about the dangers of social media and phone applications, consequences of sexting, inattentive driving, cyberbullying, and about teen depression and suicide related to this topic.

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